Artist Statement  

Nature and music are keys to inspiration for painter Beanie Kaman

For Kaman, art is an ongoing adventure of self-discovery and visual storytelling. By working directly from her own experience, she is able to capture the threads that link human kind to find something truly meaningful in her painting.

Her artwork deals with reflections on domesticity, looking for a universal connection between people. Working with symbols as necessity arises, she frequently incorporates lotus blossoms, buddhas, ladders, houses and birds into her pieces. She explains that she chooses her symbols as they become relevant to her life situations, and treats them in an improvisatory method. As images appear on the canvas, the painting is allowed to take on its own life, with Kaman at the hem, guiding it along. Her background with music influences the process; as in jazz, each instrument is allowed its voice, so is each image and color allowed to rise or fall as benefits the whole.

The artworks are about the passing of time and the collections of experiences, both tragic and joyful, that have been so relevant to Kaman's life.

She uses a mixed media of acrylic, dried pigments and pencil on canvas. In a separate series of work she combines sewing, painting and drawing.

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LA ARTCORE BREWERY Exhibition Video >

Exhibition held at LA Artcore Brewery Annex in Los Angeles, from June 1 to 29, 2008.