Gallery Western




Los Angeles, California

The 11 artists participating in “New Life” consciously used recycled materials that have been discarded by our society, giving new life to abandoned objects, both spiritually and emotionally. The artists strived to present the viewer with a new perspective on what has been tossed aside by adapting it into their artwork. The artists tackled the concept of how we can reuse these materials, in an effort to bring awareness to saving our environment and way of life, as well as to comment on the fragility of our natural resources on earth. “New Life” stressed the importance of continuing to find value in the already existing debris of the world, and to make it live again. Kaman chose to work with old clothes and found pieces of fabrics and embroidery that had been given to her. She created 2 pieces, one using clothes from her mother, father, girlfriend, and herself. The other began with a sweet embroidered picture of a house in the country, and then she added burlap and other fabrics to extend the piece to a larger size, while hypothetically enlarging the concept of home and the paraphernalia that surrounds our conceptions of “what is home?”.