Open Art Code




Salon di Donatello, Florence, Italy

Open Art Code is a group of international artists, coordinated by Vito Abba and Carlotta Marzolla, with the intention of exhibiting around the world.

In 2018, the group came together to exhibit in the Salon di Donatello, in the Basilica di San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy. Kaman created a piece specifically for this exhibition, choosing fabrics that represent the earth, sky and terra cotta of Florence’s roofs. Dividing the piece in 3 panels of color, she placed a “golden cup” in the center of the piece as indicative of the soul, with the sky above and earth below. She painted, sewed and heavily embroidered all surfaces to join the 3 panels and images together.

Because it was such a large and intensive piece, she titled it “Lolla Palooza”.


Lolla Palooza, 2018
Lolla Palooza, 2018. 76″ x 28″. Contact the artist directly for more information about this piece including price & availability.