Kaman’s small works differ from the larger works in that they are often stretched, presented as little paintings using fabric, paper, paint and thread. Sometimes they are done in a series, exploring a simple format over and over with different materials and colors. More often than not, they all reference nature and are more representative than the larger works.

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Earth Series

Each piece in the Earth Series is a simplified abstraction of nature’s essential elements. These works play with basic forms, fabrics and colors to present meditations on water, sky, sun and flowers.

Earth Suite 2016

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The Maps Series began with the idea of confusing our sense of place and our idea of universality. Kaman tore up maps she collected over the years from her many travels and then sewed them back together, jumbling them up to make new non-existent places. An imaginary world takes shape instead, with new oceans or land masses, or city grids turned upside down.

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Winter Series 2021