Twenty-eight artists from 4 different countries, came together to create installations in the rooms of an abandoned hotel in Seorak, South Korea. They took a “ruined” space and transformed it into a space of life again, from the perspective of nature. Life blooming in the ruins. NAH stands for nature, art and humans, coming together to create a bond between the artists, environment, and the viewers.


Space NAH




Seorak, South Korea, Seorak International Art Festival.

Artist Statement

Earth, Air, Water  | An installation by Beanie Kaman | October, 2023, Seorak, S. Korea

In this installation, I am talking about the importance of our dependence on the natural world for our existence. I feel that is it so important that we take care of our beautiful world, as we see the climate changing around us. There are three parts to the installation: the elements, the ladders, and the symbols for the elements. The colors represent green for earth, white for air, and blue for water.

The ladders are metaphors for our lives: we are born on the bottom rung and climb our way to the top. The green Earth ladder is covered with leaves and flowers, that provide continual inspiration for me in my work. The Air ladder is white, representing pure air. Air is something we can see only by its movement thru space. There are holes are left in the fabric and strings are free to catch the breeze. The blue ladder identifies water, the coolness and fluidity of liquid falling like a waterfall. Life lives within water, so there are flowers for life, and pompoms to suggest water droplets, while the strings imply the sense of falling water.

Surrounding the ladders are the hanging symbols for the 3 elements themselves. Leaves are part of the natural world of earth, white and silver triangles and spirals signify air, while blue droplets portray water.