The Loft




San Pedro, CA

The Faces Within, 2017
The Faces Within, 2017. With artist Scott Meskill, The Loft, San Pedro, Los Angeles.

The Faces Within exhibit was curated by Kerrie Ross at The Loft in San Pedro (Los Angeles), CA. Participating artists were assigned either the right or left side of a head to portray in any fashion, according to a specific dimensional format. Kerrie’s vision was to pair 2 different face-halves from different artists. Beanie’s work was paired with that of sculptor & painter, Scott Meskill. This was Beanie’s first experience with this kind of anonymous collaboration; Kaman and Meskill did not know they would be matched for this exhibition until their work was paired, and did not meet one another until the live show. Kaman’s mixed media piece entitled, “Flower Child” was created with acrylic, silk flowers, fabric, embroidery thread, and paper on canvas.