Gallery 169




Los Angeles, CA, USA

Beanie Kaman and Michael Freitas Wood are happy to exhibit together at Gallery 169. They have been married 33 years, having met while exhibiting together in Seoul, South Korea in 1987.

While they have worked all their lives as individual artists, with their own specific voices, invariably there are references and influences from each other from working in close proximity. They both stress a love of nature and peace, looking for connections to the viewer by recognition of the images.  Both work from a non-representational background.

Wood paints using patterns and grids, allowing for the duality of spontaneity and controlled images to play out on the surface as he works.

Kaman, working with textiles, uses iconic images from nature while painting, sewing and collaging fabrics, threads and papers to create both 2 and 3D artworks that reflect her impressions of the natural world.

While each works in the studio separately, there is still a sense of the influencing of one another after being together so many years.