Shatto Gallery




Los Angeles, CA

Shatto Gallery is pleased to present REMIX, a three person exhibition of paintings and installation works by artists Beanie Kaman, Yae Jee Min, and Michael Nauert. This show marks the three artists first exhibition with the gallery and presents an opportunity to view a dialogue prompted by the thematic concerns the three artists share. This exhibition features new and recent works and altogether unfurls the benefits of the conceptual exchange the artists partake in.

Beanie Kaman threads together nature and vignettes of memories that serve to elaborate a reinvention of her landscapes as she draws on affinities of past experiences while honing in on the allure of the natural world. The main protagonists of Kaman’s works are often motifs of flora and the ethos of the outerworld, forging the formal structures of landscapes with tremendous fervor. Kaman not only binds together these elements conceptually but quite literally threads and sews disparate elements of found materials like old scarves from friends, beads, clothes and tablecloths from her mother. The materials themselves hold a strong narrative and broach the meaning and history of women’s domestic work life. These found materials impart new definitions through the painstaking attention to Kaman’s stitchwork: threads functioning like inks. Kaman’s selected works explore a multi-dimensional sense of space, and identifies these spaces with a locus of memory.


River, 2022
River, 2022, 60.5″x45″. Contact the artists directly for more information about this piece including price & availability.